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Post by djvenom on Fri Apr 04, 2008 5:41 pm

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Well people have beens saying Simoes is shouldnt be criticized for the recent draw with trinidad's young team because he is experimenting with a local team. Now lets look at Bora's tenure here, he took a local squad to the lunar Cup and won that tournament (i believe a first for jamaica winning a tournament outside of the Caribbean aka Shell Cup) , he experimented a bit more saying we needed a squad for when our overseas players arent available. Now on the return of The Captain he decided this was unacceptable and fired Bora. Hence the Simoes here now. Questions:

1. Was the Captain hasty in firing Bora
2. Should Jamaica believe only Simoes can take us to World Cup
3. Should We let Simoes do watever he wants

My view is we are naieve to believe only simoes can do it. Jamaica barely qualified wining 3 matches in the final round of 97 and draw 7 , in my opininon it doesnt say much good for a coach we barely scraped through. I wont even get into simoes looking like a fool having the best talent in the caribbean on the bench( it would be overkill)..

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