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Post by Kenni on Fri May 23, 2008 7:21 pm

Never had I thought
That love could've been so easily sought MY LOVER 91193 MY LOVER 91193
But then I met you
And all my expectations and hopes came through
Your an amazing man
No-one can really tell our future plan
You're opened my eyes to so much
You created that feeling of excitement from your touch MY LOVER 83434
My lover knows me, oh his touch MY LOVER Lnr%20(47)
He knows my body and me and as such
When he traces his fingers upon my skin
He knows just where and when my comfort begins
Griping sometimes but never too rough
holding me close, oh! I want him so much
My baby knows music, my groans and sighs MY LOVER Lnr%20(43)
When I'm in ecstasy he knows my lullaby
Inside my ear before I lay down, he fills my mind with angelic thoughts
but the need for him inside of me, MY LOVER 1623 again has to be fought
My baby's got fire, the taste of his lips MY LOVER Lnr%20(49)
Has entwined me in ecstatic bliss
Oh the desires that flow when all has begun
We warm each other just as the midday sun
My baby knows life, you'll never understand
He knows me better than anyone can

PS. Lover I wrote this verse this morning with just a slight thought of you
MY LOVER Lnr%20(9)

MY LOVER 91193
MY LOVER 91193 MY LOVER 91193 MY LOVER 91193 MY LOVER 83434
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