unda di tree....(story tellers only)

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unda di tree....(story tellers only)

Post by Demi on Wed Apr 09, 2008 9:20 pm


She walk along the street side minding her own business nothing or no one was her obstruction...

over come with her need to feed,feed on the almost faded life of her
over populated city...watching as they go about their day to day
living....living a life of sin and confusion...is that any life to
live?..she ponder...she walked on as she heard the cries of a street
child...why should anyone be force to live a life he had not wish
for...why go on,when doing so he already know his Faith...the little
boy walk over and looked in her eye...right then and there she saw his
soul crying out...crying out to be release from this agony of a life he
was force to bare...."release me", his soul scream...that was when it
dawn on her....
"i know what it is that i should do,i know its up to me to let these people go free".
This would be the fist time she would ever go though with The orders given to her by the demons within...
By day she is a student at a well known university...at night she help her lost souls cross a hard but peaceful cross road...

She went back to where she first laid eyes on the little boy,for he was
first on her list...she had to release him of his pain...
she lead him to somewhere that would be The last sight of his mortal being...

Yes, this would be her first act but she had everything under
control,she was calm and collective...you would think she had done this
time and time again....
She question the 10 year old boy asking if he was afraid..
"No" he said "should i be" he ask...
"Not one bit,for i am only here to help you" she reply.
With out warning she grab him from behind,she went on to introduce him to The death hold...
the youngster went into a deep sleep...she stood over him, watching him,mystified by The look on his face...

"so innocent,so peaceful...sleeping with no care in this world..soon
you wont have to care about anything in this life or the next"...

She went for a blade she brought with her...she place his head on her
lap comforting him b4 he move on...she place her hand over his
eye,holding his head in place she slip from right to left...
little boy jump up in shock..but surprise to see that his ending was
indeed near...his first reaction was to hold his neck....she watch as
The blood fight its way through him little fingers...watching as his
eyes scream for help because he couldn't talk,she had cut way too
deep...he fell to the ground and gasping his last breath she went down
with him comforting him as he move on to a beautiful ending...
ok Sweety it will be over soon try not to straggleit will soon be over"
...running her finger over his eyebrow watching as his soul slowly leak
from his tiny little body...

...::A Mortal Sleep a Endless Sleep::...immortality is earn not given::..

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Re: unda di tree....(story tellers only)

Post by Mz_U on Sat May 10, 2008 5:11 pm

ooooo i like it.. quite intriguing. This should be inspiration for the short story writers out there.... (watch your grammar though especially the tenses) Keep it up!!


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