The Power of Silence

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The Power of Silence Empty The Power of Silence

Post by ^_B()NiTa_^ on Sat May 10, 2008 5:08 pm

Like the dawn of a new day, feelings arise
The time weve shared, so few, but meaningful
The absences, the lost feelings, youre gone
So many yet make this the first
As petals tear and becomes brown
So have our love begin to fade
Like the transformation from dusk till dawn
My emotions; my life; my love has evolved
From one path it has changed-
For better or worst
The tranquility within the air calms my nerves
As thoughts still question if you belong to me?
My postulated feelings yet no apology for
My dominated silence allows me to speak from my heart with my eyes
Through my eyes youll tell my spans story
My time remain unforgettable in doubt
To me its worth dying for, to others its just another
As my thoughts transfigure my body
Not leaving it hesitant for others to ask
But why question the versatility of my life
And allow the murderer to stray
For your killing me slowly in the silence of your thoughts
But think alike ye of no thoughts and the damage is caused-

Love prevails over the cost of life,
But a persons life worthless over love.
Like a coffin given to a dead congratulating death
So is a kiss with changed emotions.
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