FINAL SHOTS - Last words thrown before Follow The Arrow

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FINAL SHOTS - Last words thrown before Follow The Arrow Empty FINAL SHOTS - Last words thrown before Follow The Arrow

Post by H4CK3R on Fri Feb 27, 2009 10:57 pm

The musical 'war' is on tomorrow at Follow Di Arrow and some of the deejays are in a 'killing' mood, as the battlefield is set at James Bond Beach, St Mary, for the 10th anniversary of the event.

The clashes that should have happened two months ago at Sting will hopefully be settled at Follow Di Arrow where Kiprich is scheduled to clash with musical nemesis the Monster Empire and Merciless will test his clashing skills against Ninja Man once again.

Left high and dry

Last December a prepared Kiprich and Merciless were left high and dry onstage after blazing performances and no-shows from the Monster Empire and Ninja Man, respectively.

Now the deejays are all prepared, ready and raring to go for the much-anticipated clash. For Merciless, he claims to have been much grieved and hurt by Ninja Man's non-appearance at Sting, and is happy for the chance to 'kill' Ninja. He says, "a long time dat boy deh fi dead and mi nuh know who come dig him up from him grave. Right now, mi happy seh is him doorstep we going, Ennis never do a better thing. St Mary Ninja born and grow and right now is his territory mi a go kill him on."

Merciless says fans can expect an outstanding performance from him; like Sting, he will again be coming prepared with a new outfit and new lyrics - no repeats from Sting, "mi neva lose a war mi a warhead."

No talking mood

While when THE WEEKEND STAR spoke to Ninja Man, he was in his usual clash mood saying, "Mi nuh inna no talking mood, I'm in a killing mood. Yuh nuh hear seh Lisa Hype kill Merciless on Wednesday in Clarendon? Afta Lisa Hype kill him, him caan chat to me Saturday. I not gonna clash Merciless, mi a go kill him, when mi done wid him, Merciless nuh have no career, there will be no more Merciless."

Confident KipRich


Likewise a confident Kiprich, who came out of Sting with a huge hype from his energetic performance and sharp lyrics, says he is more than prepared for the clash. He told THE WEEKEND STAR , "is a clash and yuh know yuh haffi prepare, mi ready fi do wha mi haffi do. Mi have whole heap of new things and some older stuff, it's just a matter of where whatever fit." At Sting, KipRich came out ready in full black for war and the artiste already has his new outfit for Follow Di Arrow.

General B from the Monster Empire says that the Empire is ready and waiting for anything.

"We prepared for anything and fans can expect di best." This, however, according to General B, will be the last of any lyrical confrontations between the Monster Empire and Kiprich, whoever wins. "A di last of it dis, we nuh inna nutten wid Kiprich, is only caw di fans dem want it, him a try get a hype off Monster Empire. Whether we win or lose, di war done, caw dis nah benefit me," he said.

Sunday morning will tell who will be victorious when these artistes go head to head at Magnum Follow The Arrow at James Bond Beach in St Mary.
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