Contemplation Upon Life and Love

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Contemplation Upon Life and Love Empty Contemplation Upon Life and Love

Post by ^_B()NiTa_^ on Sat May 10, 2008 5:14 pm

Love- a stronger feeling than liking
So why am I feeling this way?
Many love me but one likes
Yet this one destroys me
It tears my inside, my heart bleeds
I became weak from my lost
What should I gain from this?
Nothing but experiences!
I wait for the day he would call:
Just to say I understand
What goes around comes around!
DonТt think- it ruins thoughts!
Music plays not any type, УLove MusicФ
The pain gets stronger as it says:
Baby I want you back, FREEDOM
Two confused thoughts, which is it?
Commitment or freedom
I donТt know for life, thinking is too complicated
No one knows or would ever know tilТ I say
So why not say? No one wants to know!
Life! I say life!
LetТs live beyond dream, hopes!
LetТs live reality!
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