The Bloom of Reminisce

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The Bloom of Reminisce Empty The Bloom of Reminisce

Post by ^_B()NiTa_^ on Sat May 10, 2008 5:04 pm

An afternoon
Heated sky, cool breezes
From one to the other
Relations, weird feelings let loose
LetТs question it
Do you think it was always there?
No! Everything in life is a cycle
Nothing is new beneath the sun
People come, People go
Relationships and situations give experiences
Experiences teaches lessons
Learn it, use it or relive
Green trees, hot tar, new places
Collins, Red Hill, Pot Works Dam
First hand views, visions to remember
Thoughts, childhood vision from age three
Replay the thoughts of harmony
Life moves on in the thinking world
Once in a life experience made by accident
A tall tree in an active road
Not for beautification of landscape: A mistake!
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