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Post by H4CK3R on Sun Mar 02, 2008 10:05 pm

Guns will start barking again in Spanish Town, St. Catherine, if the worst fears of the police and residents are realised.

It is understood that the peace that the community has been enjoying for the past three years could be disrupted soon as differences have developed between the notorious One Order and Clansman gangs.

Information reaching THE STAR indicate that following the death of Robert Thicket, whose torso was found in a shallow grave on Jones Avenue, St. Catherine on Tuesday, there has been a rift between the rival gangs. Thicket, a bike mechanic from De La Vega City, was reported missing last Friday.

Residents and police tell THE STAR that Thicket was a very close relative to a high ranking member of the Clansman gang and some members of the gang have accused their rivals of being responsible for his death. Thicket's body was found in a community aligned to the One Order gang.

Spanish Town's top cop, Superintendent Terrence Bent, head of the St. Catherine North Division, confirmed that the police is monitoring the area to prevent a possible outbreak of violence. The lawman said that his team is working around the clock to prevent it.

Gang activity

He stated that the police have been out in their numbers "day and night" to deter gang activity related to Thicket's death.

"A particular group of people have been asked to account for the killing," Bent says, adding that he does not know if these people are associated with the One Order gang.

Contacted yesterday, Monsignor Father Richard Albert, chairman of the St. Catherine Crime Prevention Committee, declined to speak to The STAR about the situation.

"I have no comment on the matter," was all Father Albert offered, despite being pressed for more comments.

But residents say the Clansman have vowed to take revenge for Thicket's death. They say if they are sure about nothing else, they are 100 per cent sure that fighting between the gangs will erupt again.

"Di man dem say them hav' an idea who do it and dem aggo retaliate, if a no nex' week, a nex' month if is even 10 years, dem goin' to retaliate," one resident said.

The residents insist that the police have got wind of the possible retaliation which is why they have been swarming the area where they suspect the men seeking revenge will strike from, but they will never be able to prevent it.

From what the residents gather, Thicket was murdered when he went to visit a woman who lives in one of the One Order communities. They reveal that no one expected Thicket would be killed because he is well known in Spanish Town and has never taken side against any of the gangs during their years of warring.

"Dem stab him up already inna one One Order area in about 2004, and even den him say mek it gwaan and neva try seek no revenge," one woman recalled. She added that he has always travelled between communities in Spanish Town, without being tagged.

Supt. Bent pointed out however, that reports that Thicket was killed by members of One Order because he was from the Clansman area were purely speculative as this has not come up in the police's investigations.

"We still have not identified any motives or any suspects," he stated.

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spain town anno lame town!!!!
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