Weh dem ago tell god seh bout damn devil bday!!!!!

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Weh dem ago tell god seh bout damn devil bday!!!!!

Post by Dj Kronikle on Sun Nov 09, 2008 11:15 pm

As we search for answers to all the crazy abductions, rapes etc that are happening ...could some be here?

Be extremely careful!!! THIS IS JUST SICK!


They are raping men, women and children left, right and center. The
news continues to spread about the constant rapes, abductions and
killing of children. People this is for real, this is no joke.

A newspaper clip featured in the X-News recently described year 2009 as
the year of the occult and those involved in these devil worships
require 999 (nine hundred and ninety nine) virgins before the year 2009
comes in.

Ladies be especially careful as the men are targeting women traveling
alone. Recently there was a case where they ran into the back of a
lady's car. She came out to assess the damage and they grabbed her,
stuffed her in their car and sped off with her.

They are also turning to men because they need virgins and most times
it turns out that the ladies that they grab are actually sexually active
so they have to find a hole that hasn't been touched, (I beg your pardon
for the course language, but I can't find a better way to express it)
hence they rape the men, or they enter the women's behinds.Bear in mind that this is a sacrifice!

The recent abductions and killings of children have also been linked to
these satanic worshippers (occult members).

Think about it. These men are not raping because they need sexual
satisfaction. If that was the case they would have had enough already.
This has been going on for quite sometime here in western Jamaica and
it's getting more and more rampant.


Let us PRAY to our heavenly Father to protect us, our women and children, let us PRAY that the Holy Spirit will cover all of us as we approach earth's last days and prepare us for the coming of our Lord Jesus.

Dj Kronikle
Dj Kronikle
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Re: Weh dem ago tell god seh bout damn devil bday!!!!!

Post by blacknite on Mon Nov 10, 2008 1:06 am

hmmmm, we have two threads about this already

Dendz GoDD

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Re: Weh dem ago tell god seh bout damn devil bday!!!!!

Post by Naughty on Mon Nov 10, 2008 10:34 pm

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Re: Weh dem ago tell god seh bout damn devil bday!!!!!

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