I Wait... and wait - I patiently Wait

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I Wait... and wait - I patiently Wait

Post by Mz_U on Mon Jul 21, 2008 8:59 pm

I understand why youre no longer here
Its not that you dont love me
Or that you dont really care
Death stole the life that meant the world to you
Left you helpless and saddened, not quite knowing what to do
Really wish youd told me instead out leaving me out
Thought you knew you can trust me, now Im left with doubt
Im so sorry I gave up on you, Im so sorry that my patience wore thin
I really miss you; your touch, your warmth, even your silly grin
I sit here writing, wonder if well ever have our chance
Or if the last time I saw you was the final glance
You say lifes a journey filled wit ups and downs
You said wed be together through smiles and frowns
But now Im in limbo, will you ever come around
Will you ever smile again; get your feet back on the ground,
If I think too much itll leave me confused
Make me curse the love Id almost refused
So now Ive resolved to patiently wait
Till your heart beats again, Ill leave it to fate



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