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Post by Mz_U on Mon Jul 21, 2008 8:48 pm

If it's one thing I hate doing; it's saying goodbye
But at least i tried.... didn't let that love pass me by
Dedicated to the one who stole my heart
long before he cruelly ripped it apart...... SOB!

Swish Swoosh... silence... grateful silence
That calm hush after all has been said
That feeling of relief words can't express
The delight that builds in the chest
Oh the silence, bless your heart
IТm lulled away by this absence
that would normally drive me insane
The peace, the inner peace
The knowledge and acceptance that this is the end

Looking back I realized that things were just not quite the same
The greed and zest that once proclaimed
Morphed to a but a mere whisper, slowly fading and now all gone,
Lost in the darkness to never reunite
So with that I faced the truth and cast aside all I had for you
No tear was shed, those days are extinct
One kiss, goodbye my first love, goodbye to us

GOODBYE N581321141_139739_2332
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